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Our young readers understand quantum computing. Do you?

2020 has already brought good news – a new Acronis book by world-renowned physicist Alexey Kavokin is available now.

The exciting new detective story, “Acronis and the Quantum Computer” reveals the secrets and paradoxes of quantum computers in an easy, understandable format for readers as young as 10 years old to understand and enjoy!

The main character, a red-haired girl named Acronis, gets into one of the best private boarding schools in England. There she’s immersed in an adventure on her very first day and a dramatic thriller unfolds in the heart of a peaceful British town.

Along the way, the book explores many types of ciphers and codes, their histories, and how they can be hacked. The engaging detective story features mysterious blood inscriptions, disappearing letters, and international terrorism. Can you think of anything more exciting for a teenager?


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