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Quantum technology like ABC

Acronis Cyber Foundation held a unique, first-of-its-kind kids webinar on quantum technology recently. This complex topic was explained by our special guest, Professor Alexey Kavokin, in a straightforward language that was easy for children ages 7 to 14 to understand.

Professor Kavokin is a scientist in the fields of quantum physics and photonics. He is also the author of the Acronis book series, “Acronis Chronicles” and “Acronis and the Quantum Computer“. The main character, a fearless and restless 12-year old girl, named Acronis, made her first animation appearance at our recent webinar.

Why is it important to understand quantum technology?

Within a few decades, we will live in a world full of quantum technologies. It is crucial to understand the basics of this technology and how it is applied. Quantum technology is already used in many fields, including medicine, chemistry, new materials, information security, artificial intelligence, and so on. We come in contact with it unknowingly every day as well: lasers, the quantum sources of light, are found in DVD players, laser printers, laser pointers, etc. All micro-electronic and optoelectronic devices use effects of quantum mechanics, too. In the future, quantum technology will help improve the quality of life in big cities. It will be used to optimize public transport systems, eliminate traffic jams, accelerate delivery services, and clear air pollution. Quantum technology will be based on the achievements of today’s physicists and will bring humanity to the moon and Mars, perhaps even further.

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We introduced quantum technology through a thrilling detective story with Acronis. Together with her, children learned how to crack secure ciphers and get immersed in an adventure involving encrypted letters and international terrorism.

Children are curious about how can they become the next professor of quantum themselves, too. Professor Kavokin’s advice is to study physics and mathematics, stay curious, keep asking questions, travel a lot, and be surrounded by like-minded friends who also love science.

You can check out Professor Kavokin’s answers to the questions he didn’t have a chance to reply to during the webinar here. Some are extremely interesting for kids and adults, alike!

We hope you’ll enjoy the webinar recording and the book. Have fun and keep a lookout for our future events!

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