Acronis and the Quantum Computer
A thrilling detective story for children over eight years old. The book will teach you, in an easy and understandable manner, how to solve a complicated cipher.
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About the author

Alexey Kavokin

Alexey Kavokin is a scientist in the fields of quantum physics and photonics. He is a Professor at the University of Southampton (the U.K.) and the Westlake University (China), Head of the Laboratory of Optics Spina at St. Petersburg State University (Russia), a Principal Investigator at the Russian Quantum Centre, and a Scientific Director of the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics (Italy).
Alexey is also the author of a series of children books: “Saladin the Cat”, “Man of Science”, “English fairy-tales”, “Italian fairy-tales”, and “Acronis Chronicles”, in which Acronis, the main character of this book, appears for the first time. They are full of adventures, nice cooking recipes, and unordinary scientific paradoxes, explained in a language clear enough for intellectually curious readers of any age.