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20 Acronis Employees Went to Senegal to Support the Local Community

The Acronis Schools Initiative is not just about building schools – it aims to provide the underprivileged communities around the world with comprehensive educational support.

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Our projects in Peru and Guatemala made some exciting progress in the construction of new school facilities for underprivileged children.

New school in Senegal has the potential to change lives

Acronis Foundation has partnered with buildOn to send 20 Acronis employees on a buildOn Trek experience to build a new school in the community of Soupa Serrer in Senegal.

School Groundbreak Update, Senegal

We’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be breaking ground on the new buildOn school in Soupa Serere, Senegal! Thanks to the Acronis Foundation, the children of Soupa Serere will have access to quality education and a path out of poverty.

Festive opening of second Acronis Foundation School

After almost eight months of hard work by local villagers and the entire community, the Acronis Foundation’s Schools Initiative officially opened its second school on October 18, 2018.

Education for children in rural area in Myanmar: Acronis and Stiftunglife built primary school

In November 2017, the construction of a primary school in Ata, a rural village in Myanmar, about 200 km north of the country’s capital Naypyidaw, has been successfully completed.

Acronis Foundation supports construction of a school building in Cambodia

The Primary School in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, is located in Prei Changha Village, a rural and poverty-stricken area in the north of the country on the border with Thailand, which has a population of 3,255 residents.

Actual situation at Acronis School

Ata – Myanmar, June 20, 2018 – Today Ursula Schnetzler-Broers, who works for our partner NGO Stiftunglife, visited the Acronis School to get updated on the school’s condition and effectiveness.

Tanzania Project: A primary school for children in Loongung’

Children in Loongung’, a village in the north-eastern Simanjiro district which is inhabited by 3000 people, will get a long-desired primary school.

Foundations for better access to education are laid

The foundation work for a primary school building in Loongung has started this week. Until now, no school has ever existed in this small village, located in Tanzania’s Simanjiro District, where about 3,000 residents live.

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