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Foundations for better access to education are laid

The foundation work for a primary school building in Loongung has started this week. Until now, no school has ever existed in this small village, located in Tanzania’s Simanjiro District, where about 3,000 residents live.
This school will provide space for 567 children. The construction period will be completed at latest by the end of this year.

In the initial project phase, two classrooms are built to raise the school attendance rate, which is currently very low – less than 19% of all children living in Loongung attend school, the rest stays at home or looks after their parents’ herds of cattle. Children will no longer feel compelled to learn outside under a tree, which is the momentary situation:

The newly constructed school building will make them feel sufficiently secure and comfortable to discover their own potential, attract more children to attend classes and thus increase their chances for a better future.

Foundation work in Loongung:

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