IT Skills Program for ex-offenders
New skills to enable successful reintegration into society

A more inclusive society

This initiative combines the Yellow Ribbon Fund and Acronis expertise to uplift ex-offenders through IT skills and career development, co-creating new opportunities for their successful reintegration and contribution back to society

Ex-offenders are not mere recipients of second chances. When successfully reintegrated, they can pay it forward and actively give back to the community as individuals or collectively as a community.

2018 – 2020

4 groups trained

2021 – 2027

2-3 groups planned yearly

Why we are doing this


Singapore’s total offender population, as per 2021


Recidivism rate, as per 2021


Inmates placed in community-based rehabilitation & reintegration programmes, as per 2021

What we are doing


Employability skills are the essential skills, personal qualities and values that enable ex-offenders to thrive in any workplace across diverse industries. These skills are easily transferable to the employment settings of the outside world, as they can be applied to a variety of jobs.


In a society without second chances, ex-offenders who leave the first physical prison will find themselves entering a second social prison. They will require skills that can help them acquire jobs that can lead to a long-term career.


The reintegration programme is designed to provide WSQ ICDL certification for ex-offenders, which gives them a head start with relevant and marketable digital skills.


Yearly Training

30 to 45 

number of ex-offenders to receive the IT Skills Program yearly

Long-term commitment from Acronis

S$1 million

funding and services over 10 years

Training Hours

62 hours 

total training hours each ex-offender receives

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