For Individuals

We offer a variety of ways to support our philanthropic initiatives in various locations around the world. We are also open to your suggestions at

How to get involved with Acronis Cyber Foundation Program initiatives


Volunteer for the IT Skills Programme and share your expertise (available in Singapore, Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria) or suggest your expertise to relieve people who are in crisis situations (i.e., psychological consultations, sports or art training, etc.).

In-kind and monetary contributions

Donate school supplies, uniforms, solar panels, laptops, tablets or other necessary supplies for our schools, IT Skills Programme graduates, other underserved communities, or people who are in crisis situations; make an individual contribution or become a co-funding partner for a school and/or computer classroom. *, **

Partner engagement

Many companies are eager to become socially responsible and give back to society, but often lack the necessary resources to do so. Starting a CSR project with Acronis is as easy as 1-2-3! We take care of all the work and share the costs. Simply inform your partners about our projects and connect them with our team at


Why support the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program?


of our IT Skills Programme graduates in Singapore were employed within a month of the completion of their course because our volunteers are highly professional and share their own expertise and life hacks with their students.

24,000+ people

have already benefited from our initiatives within five years. And we are so excited about it that starting in 2023, we are engaging with environmental projects, too.


of our volunteers continue to volunteer year after year, because sharing knowledge and sharing good works is rewarding. Try it, you’ll like it.

Read what our volunteers say about us

I am proud of our team, I am proud of the Acronis Cyber Foundation, and I am proud of our company because we are doing a really, really big job. When we came here, the whole village came to see us, to say “hello,” to say “thank you,” because we came from far parts of the world to help them.
Dmitry Ledenev
Partner Success Manager, Acronis
It feels wonderful to be part of this fantastic project. I feel so privileged to be here. To think that we are creating a new school and creating a platform for education for all of these kids is just wonderful. I am really happy to be here, really happy to be this dirty and to sweat with everybody here 🙂
Emily Sampson
Business Development Manager, Cyber Platform, Acronis
The feeling you have after you experience something like this is so warming to your heart that you want to continue, give this opportunity to others, and allow them to succeed within their education. Even the looks on the children’s faces, it’s priceless. It’s just something that every person should experience.
Melinda McPhee
Ex-US Finance Accounting Manager, Acronis
This has been an amazing life-changing experience despite challenges that these folks might have. We have seen nothing but the highest amount of effort, and love and compassion from Nepali people. If you do ever have a chance to join an Acronis Cyber Foundation trek along with buildOn, I would highly recommend that you do it.
Jonathan McCarrick
Partner Technology Evangelist, Acronis

* 100% of your donations go directly to the initiative you would like to support. Administrative costs are covered by Acronis.
** Possible tax deduction depending on country. Please contact us for more information at