Schools Initiative
Helping children take the first step on the path to opportunity

What we are doing

Finding regions

The Acronis Schools Initiative finds underserved and neglected communities where children and adolescents suffer from a lack of educational infrastructure and poor learning environments.

Building schools

Working with non-profit organizations worldwide, the Acronis Schools Initiative builds schools that meet the unique needs of each community and helps find to solutions to the infrastructure challenges that can affect a school’s effectiveness.

Improving lives

By building the schools needed to spread knowledge in underserved regions of the world, we plant the seeds of opportunity for individuals, families, and communities.

Why we are doing it

1.1 billion

Children in the world are between the ages of 6 and 14

Gaining knowledge is so vital to our existence, the United Nations considers education a fundamental human right. And students aren’t the only ones who benefit from gaining knowledge. Research shows that education not only leads to higher individual income, but it is also a necessary foundation for long-term economic growth.

617 million

Children are not achieving minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics

Unfortunately, UNESCO found that more than half of children worldwide are not able to reach the minimum proficiency levels in reading and mathematics. In fact, those excluded from education are among the most vulnerable in the world.


Of the children and adolescents worldwide are not learning

In response, and to honor Acronis’ 15-year anniversary, the first program the Acronis Foundation is funding is the Acronis Schools Initiative, which will construct 15 new schools in underserved communities around the globe during the next three years.

Help by donating
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