Surf Safe campaign (SG)
Nurturing youth into digitally resilient citizens

Nurturing youth into digitally resilient citizens

The Surf Safe Initiative aims to educate youth in Singapore on responsible digital practices and habits, which include the cybersecurity, digital wellness and media literacy.

Supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), as part of Singapore’s national movement – Digital for Life.  Through the movement, like-minded partners across private, public and people sectors work together to help Singaporeans embrace digital as a lifelong pursuit, so as to enrich their lives and build a safe and inclusive digital society for all.

By 2023

Aims to educate 45,000 youth

The first year

To reach 13,000 youth

Why we are doing this


At risk for social media disorder


Experienced cyber threats


Affected by cyber bullying

How we are doing this

Peer to Peer

Volunteers mainly from Acronis and local polytechnics will engage students to determine whether there are gaps in their understanding of the content taught.


The programme will consist of talks, activities and games for youth at booths in the schools.


Tailored for each school, to suit its needs and learning objectives.

Help by donating
If you believe in our mission and want to make an impact, you can support the Acronis Schools Initiative