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The storm did not stop the Schools Initiative in Lebanon

The Acronis school construction in Lebanon is nearing its end despite the harsh weather conditions this winter. This coming spring 250 Syrian refugee children will attend the new school. This project was possible thanks to the partnership of the Acronis Foundation and Zeltschule e.V.

Storm Miriam in January worsened already dire conditions across Lebanon’s Syrian refugee camps. Some 574 settlement structures and more than 22,000 refugees across Lebanon were affected by the storm, according to figures from the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).

Lebanon is home to more than one million Syrian refugees, most of whom live in informal settlements made out of tarpaulin tents supported by wooden frames. A major issue faced in the camps during heavy rainfall is overflowing septic tanks, which lead to sewage seeping into the camp’s crammed tents. Furthermore, people lost many of the precious few things they had because the camps were flooded.

Construction of the Acronis school in Beqaa, Lebanon, was extremely difficult because it rained throughout the building process – the construction team had to find the specific hours without rain to lay the foundation so that it had time to dry out.

Some of the children who will soon attend the Acronis school in Beqaa have already spent years in the camp because of the war in Syria (started eight years ago). Education will help these children have more structure in their life while learning and growing in a safe space, even if the future is uncertain for their families.

The community of Syrian refugees actively help with the school construction, as they understand this as an opportunity to create something meaningful and sustainable for their children.

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