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Acronis Foundation Honored Twice at the b2b Media Awards

The Acronis Foundation was honored as part of the b2b Media Awards held on July 10, 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, earning first prize in the category “Investment in Sustainable Development” and third prize in the category “CSR with a Cause”.

The awards are a recognition of the organization’s corporate social responsibility projects, particularly the Acronis Foundation’s Schools Initiative. During the past year, the Acronis Foundation has initiated and built six schools in underserved communities around the world, from Myanmar to Peru, where children suffer from a lack of educational infrastructure and poor learning environments.

This year was the first time Acronis participated in the b2b Media Awards, which are granted to contestants based on various criteria such as sustainable and innovative behavior, originality of ideas, implementation efficiency, innovation in terms of both products and services, as well as innovation in the way they were communicated.

“This special recognition really means a lot to us because all of our efforts to build a more knowledgeable future were actually noted and rewarded. We know that education helps communities break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives, which is why we’re committed to continuing these efforts, helping children who suffer from a lack of educational infrastructure”, – commented Silviya Petrova, PR and Marketing Manager at Acronis Bulgaria.

The b2b Media Awards are presented annually in Bulgaria to distinguish the best entrepreneurs, the most innovative and socially responsible companies, and their initiatives.

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