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Acronis school in Laos is officially opened

The Dong Na Kham Primary School, sponsored by Acronis and built under the coordination of its partner Child’s Dream Foundation, was officially opened on December 10, 2019. In this new learning environment, 115 excited schoolchildren can now study in safe and convenient classrooms.

Photo by @Francesco_Brembati

The school’s opening ceremony brought together children, families, teachers, village elders, local authorities, and international guests from businesses and the media who all celebrated the amazing opportunities offered by the new primary school.

“It’s all about joining forces to create a better future for these kids,” said Hannes Migga-Vierke, Vice President for Global Cloud and Field Marketing at Acronis, who was among the speakers and guests. “Acronis and its partners from around the world are bringing not only hope but the actual means for local children to have access to knowledge, empowering them to follow their dreams. We believe that knowledge is the solution against all evil.”

Photos by @Xaykhame

“We deliver empowerment. It’s not just schools we’re building. We work with communities to break the cycle of poverty. Every school is a vital investment in the children and communities that we support. Building a new school in this community has the potential to change lives,” said Christin Reinhardt-Riedinger, Director for Finance and Operations at Child’s Dream Foundation.

“We are very honored and proud to receive such support from the Acronis Cyber Foundation and the Child’s Dream Foundation. This is an invaluable gift for all of us. The school will not only provide convenience for teachers but also encourage students to come to school and pay more attention to their study,” said Outhone Sayasith, the School Director.

Acronis partners, Manchester City and I-Din Ninth Co., provided football kits and educational supplies, to promote physical and mental education in the community to help make schoolwork interesting and fun. Mrs. Yunyong and Miss Joykaew from I-Din Ninth Co., joined the ceremony to share in the important moment with the Acronis team, something we invite all our partners to take part in.

Photos by @Francesco_Brembati

The community’s welcome reception was very warm, with schoolchildren performing traditional dances and a blessing ceremony specially prepared for the invitees. Afterward, the Foundation team had some time to talk to children about their dreams and plans for the future and join in on some fun on the schoolyard.

Photos by @Francesco_Brembati

Photo by @Xaykhame

The new school building has five spacious classrooms and four bathrooms. And considering that the village is electricity-secured, it’s subject to the implementation of step two in the Acronis Schools Initiative: supplying the school with computers so that children can learn IT basics and explore the opportunities of the Internet. To support the digitalization of Acronis schools worldwide, you can contribute at

Photos by @Francesco_Brembati

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