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The Acronis school in Lebanon never closes its door

It’s heartening to hear from our refugee school community in Lebanon. The tent school is now a safe space for children to pursue knowledge and a welcomed distraction from their challenging reality, with its daily structure and routine.

But this winter has been hard on the community. Despite having a moderate Mediterranean climate, the children and their families live in tarpaulin tents and have to endure heavy snowfall at night, being careful to shovel snow off their roofs every two hours so that their tents don’t collapse from the weight.

In the day, the snow melts and the camp is muddy and wet. The refugee school community is unable to stay warm, as they don’t have suitable clothing for the cold winter weather. And with no easy access to firewood, the living conditions in the makeshift refugee tent city puts the wellbeing of the children and their families in peril. The children need to be able to stay warm so that they can focus on their education.

Current living situation of thousands of families @Zeltschule e.V.

Given the unstable political situation, our school community faces even more instability and uncertainty. Protests have led many organizations to withdraw their support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. But the human spirit is a resilient one. In times like this, it is even more important to for the Acronis Cyber Foundation to work with our network of partners in Lebanon to assist them, to address their immediate needs, and to bring them blankets and firewood.

You can make a difference and improve their living conditions by making a donation.

Help these children and their families stay warm and succeed in their fight for survival.


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