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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

As the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, its socio-economic impact is affecting many vulnerable children in the poorest parts of the world. Our school communities are at risk of not receiving basic, yet essential, supplies and protective equipment. Without urgent action to mitigate the situation, the consequences will plunge them further into hardship.

When we work together, we can keep these children – those who have been uprooted by conflict, girls at risk of violence, and those whose parents struggle to maintain their livelihoods – healthy and safe so that they can continue learning.



The refugee school community lives in a makeshift tent city with limited access to basic sanitation. Given the unstable political situation, they face multiple challenges such as the severe danger of inadequate medical care, lack of drinking water, and food supplies.

Our implementing partner will use the donations to step up hygienic measures by distributing soap and disinfectants, providing drinking water and food supplies to 220 families.


The school in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru is one of our first schools for 230 children. Some of the extremely poor families are badly affected and hungry as they used to be able to have meals in soup kitchens, which are now closed.

Our implementing partner will use the donations to distribute food supplies, reusable face masks and homeschooling kits.

South Africa

The new school is meant to provide much-needed stability and safety in a positive learning environment for at-risk girls. Our implementing partner is currently supporting 108 families from our school community with meals and hygiene products. The number of families is continually rising as more and more parents are becoming unemployed.

Our emergency response is meant to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and minimize the social and economic impacts on children and their families. Together, we must protect and build a better future for the most vulnerable children.

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