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Our school, our stories – Tent school in Bar Elias, Lebanon, part 1

A school community is not just a building. It’s the various individuals and groups who are invested in the welfare and vitality of the school, for example, the neighborhoods and municipalities.

In March 2019, the Acronis Cyber Foundation officially opened a tent school in Bar Elias, Lebanon. During a recent visit to the camp, the children shared many heartwarming stories which we will bring to you in a two-part series.

Karim, Student

Karima is 13 years old and has been in Lebanon for five years. She went to school in her home town of Hama for a year and a half, then the war caught up with her family and drove them out of their home. For months, they were displaced before making it across the border into Lebanon.

I love Math and drawing. I want to be a technial draftwoman in future.

When the tent school (aka Sunflower School) opened, she could finally return to school after a prolonged interruption. She is good at all subjects but loves math and drawing the most. When she heard about what a technical draftswoman does, she is thrilled. She knows it is what she would like to do in future and something she would enjoy.

With her excellent grades, she will also be heading to the indePENdent girl program. Our NGO partner, Zeltschule, sends academically gifted girls from the age of 15 to secondary schools to obtain a university entrance qualification. “You could be an engineer,” they tell her, and she beams.

She knows that an education will open doors for her and give her opportunities for her future.

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