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Bridging the future of learning in Peru

Remember our new computer classroom in Peru?

Thanks to our project partner, Climb Channel Solutions, we are able to help bridge the digital divide for the children of Virgen de las Gracias School!

We are proud to support the Acronis Cyber Foundation with a new classroom in Peru. Learning is at the center of our culture, and educational infrastructure helps communities thrive by improving the lives of individuals and families now and in the future.

We are delighted to contribute our share to empowering youth in Peru with the knowledge and educational opportunities they deserve, as they will be the ones to one day make the changes this world needs.

Charles Bass, Chief Marketing Officer at Climb Channel Solutions

This particular computer classroom in Peru comes at a vital time for the local community. Access to education is currently quite limited as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While the Peruvian government has developed an online learning platform and curriculum, many families in Nuevo Chimbote lack cell phones and home computers, leaving them unable to participate until now. This new computer classroom allows educators to invite students to class in small groups and guide them through the remote learning process.

What can we do to help bridge the digital divide and help the children make up for lost learning?

Even as the virus begins to subside in some countries, and schools begin to reopen, there are still challenges in trying to learn in an environment where the virus still exists. Schools need to adapt to a new reality of physical distancing, children attending classes in shifts, increased demands for hygiene practices and concerns over children’s wellbeing.

Children and young people need alternative ways to develop and learn, to stay connected to their schools, and – when schools reopen – to be prepared for their return. Without access to technology and materials needed to continue learning, however, they’re at a significant disadvantage. The ‘digital divide’ refers to the inequalities of access to technology in low-resource environments, as seen over the last several decades.

Digitalization is a way to make lasting change, like developing the local community in relation with the rest of the world and broadens their view of the world surrounding them.

We are looking for like-minded partners to work together with, to bring the computer classrooms to our schools. Reach out to us at to find out more and we’ll find a great project together!


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