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Stay safe online, not sorry!

The inaugural 2020 Child Online Safety Index report found that almost 60% of children in the age group of 8 to 12 years old in 30 countries were exposed to one or more forms of cyber risks. It is estimated that 51% of children are affected by cyber threats in Singapore. Singapore currently ranks 4th out of 30. Given the prevalence of cyberbullying and an increasing amount of time spent on the internet, combatting cyberbullying is thus a very important and relevant topic for children.


The Internet plays an integral part in a child’s life at home, in schools and wherever they spend their free time. Though computers and mobile devices that connect to the Internet can be beneficial for learning, enhance social relations and keep young users connected to their loved ones, they can also be a source of danger and concern for parents. Children are now discovering computers, smartphones or tablets at an early age; as they develop and discover new experiences, it is important to protect them from everyday dangers of inappropriate contact, conduct, and content that they may encounter while online.

During the September school holidays in Singapore, we collaborated with Care Community Services Society and Cyberlite Books to conduct a Cyber Safety workshop for 50 children. Through participative discussions, the children were fully immersed in the activities from start to end. The session concluded with a Parents Session, which the parents gave and shared advice on ways to help their children stay safe online.

The entire workshop was made possible by Acronis’s Government Relations, APAC & Japan team, who generously sponsored this educational workshop. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Acronis Co-Founder & Technology President, Mr Stas Protassov, for the support!

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