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The first Acronis Environmental, Social and Governance Performance Report is out!

Acronis is a large and rapidly growing organization focused on delivering the best cyber protection solutions in the world. As part of that work – and as a good global citizen – we have an obligation to help create opportunities for the next generation, support our global community and increase the sustainability of our practices through dedicated efforts that promote diversity, social responsibility, privacy and more. To demonstrate our commitment, today I’m proud to release our inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report.

Read the report here

This report highlights the wide-ranging initiatives our team has launched to further important environmental, social, and governance concerns including:

  • Supporting underserved and neglected communities
  • Expanding diversity and inclusion in the information technology field
  • Establishing robust health and safety precautions for our people and our community
  • Improving our standards for data security and privacy

It also offers a look forward at Acronis’ 2022 outlook and the goals we have established for the year ahead. These goals are central to our efforts and will help us ensure that Acronis is climate and resource-efficient. That we take social responsibility for our employees, customers and community. And that we achieve and maintain a high ethical standard for all of the work we do.

I’m proud to head the Acronis team and help ensure that our customers and partners stay successful while also advocating for a more sustainable and inclusive world. Here are just a few of the highlights from our 2021 ESG Report that illustrate the amazing work the Acronis team has done – and will continue to do in 2022.

Acronis is committed to the effective and sustainable use of resources

The Acronis community is spread throughout the world and many of our people were used to working remotely before the COVID-19 pandemic began. That said, since the pandemic began, we’ve recognized how efficient and productive working remotely can be. This led to a huge reduction in travel and a huge reduction in CO2 emissions.

To expand the positive impact we have on our environment, we provide cyber protection technology and engage in joint machine intelligence projects with SailGP and Ocean Race. We’ve also supported and developed bespoke machine intelligence technology for our partners in Formula E and worked with Acronis SIT Autonomous, Roborace and Airspeeder, organizations pushing the limits of electric power racing by developing sustainable mobility technology.

Acronis is committed to creating and expanding opportunities for underserved and underrepresented communities

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is shown in programs across the organization focused on the health and safety of our events and offices, female empowerment in the historically male-dominated technology industry and in the community support and education work performed by the Acronis Cyber Foundation.

These programs have led to amazing results and have improved the lives of people and communities around the globe.

  • The Acronis Cyber Foundation Schools Initiative has supported more than 4,300 children and built 13 schools since its founding.
  • The Acronis Cyber Foundation IT Skills Programme has provided over 80 hours of foundational IT training to more than 600 adults and children.
  • The #CyberWomen initiative launched in 2021 helped us achieve 100% pay parity and provides support, mentoring and education for tomorrow’s women leaders.

Acronis is committed to safety, security and ethical behavior

Everyone at Acronis is responsible for creating a positive and compliant environment and to promote safety, security and ethical behavior. In 2021, we focused on this goal with a robust internal Code of Conduct that establishes standards for behavior.

All employees must read and agree to the terms of this Code of Conduct, as well as Acronis’ Sanctions and Export Controls Policy, Anti-Corruption Policy and complete antiharassment training.

To ensure we improve our compliance management standards, we hired an attorney with considerable experience in managing compliance and have implemented the role of a compliance officer. The people in these roles, along with all of our employees, directors and officers will help us to uphold our core values and conduct our business honestly, fairly and with integrity.

How Acronis will meet its ESG goals

Supporting, securing and protecting are key elements of Acronis’ DNA. This will help us greatly in fulfilling our obligations as a large, globally responsible company — particularly when it comes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. In the past year, I’ve been honored to lead the Acronis team as it took these meaningful steps to achieve our ESG goals. I am committed to always supporting and encouraging these efforts and leading the “never give up” attitude that will ensure the Acronis team achieves our ESG goals moving forward.

Patrick Pulvermueller, Acronis Chief Executive Officer

Read the report here

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