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Hope and Humanity – Jeoffrey and Bulgarian Red Cross

As Ukrainians struggle to flee from the conflict, it’s important for everyone globally to contribute to various humanitarian efforts to make these transitions as easy as possible for the people of Ukraine. When the world seems darkest, there are always those whose compassionate actions light a path to happiness and prosperity.

These are the stories of some of those shining lights, and what they do to make these hard times easier for those most affected.

Jeoffrey Jockmans – Inside Sales Partner with Acronis in Bulgaria

For over 21 years, Jeoffrey has been volunteering for Red Cross, with 18 years at the Belgium chapter and, more recently, three years in the Bulgarian chapter. Serving in the Disaster Response Team in the Sofia City Branch, Jeoffrey took on the important task of gathering various donations from the Bucharest, Sofia, and Munich Acronis offices.

In recent weeks, Jeoffrey has been deployed by the Bulgarian Red Cross due to the increasing flow of Ukrainian refugees. Jeoffrey has helped collect tents, sleeping bags and flashlights for the Red Cross – all donated by the Acronis Cyber Foundation – coordinate accommodations with the Metropolitan Municipality and helped people obtain transportation tickets, amongst several other life-saving duties saddled on his back.

When refugees arrive, he assists them in getting checked for COVID before doing a general wellness check, followed by asking if they’ve suffered any recent losses of loved ones. Jeoffrey provides people with obtaining essentials such as food and water and is always prepared to jump into action in case of a psychosocial emergency.

All photos are used with permission from Jeoffrey Jockmans

Jeoffrey has been assisting Ukrainians seven days a week since February 26th, up to fourteen-hour days – but that doesn’t deter him one bit. He knows his efforts will result in a safer and happier future for thousands of fellow human beings.

Acronis Cyber Foundation has partnered with UNICEF to alleviate the suffering of refugees from Ukraine. We have released funds of up to $250,000 for humanitarian assistance to those in need — our goal is to collect an additional $250,000 from Acronis’ donors through our partnership with UNICEF.

If you would like to support, please consider a donation here.

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