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Let’s #EmbraceEquity – together!

Meet 27 years old Aida Zimba from our school community in Chibwe, Malawi.

Aida has two loves: her four years old daughter Lonjezo and tailoring. Her natural curiosity and hands-on attitude helped her to complete her studies in Grade 12 while learning to sew in technical college helped her become the tailor who sews and supplies uniforms for more than 1,000 people in the community.

Aida is thankful for the opportunity to complete her studies and attend technical college. She shared that many didn’t go to school because they did not have the necessary uniforms. She sought to combine her passion for tailoring and serving her community with her home business on a simple rented sewing machine.

The demand for her craft has increased tremendously, and now, she hopes to expand her business efficacy by owning a professional sewing machine. And beyond that, she is a trailblazer by helping those around her achieve equity with the simple act of having the right uniform for school.

This International Women’s Day, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program wants to help Aida achieve her dream of owning a professional sewing machine, and we invite you to join us on this quest.

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We can actively support and embrace equity within our sphere of influence to forge an equal and inclusive world.

Let’s #EmbraceEquity – together!

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