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Introduction to Programming workshop with gotec! and Constructor Group

Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, in partnership with gotec! and Constructor Group, recently completed a children’s programming workshop in Schaffhausen, which was aimed at introducing children to the world of programming and technology. The workshop was held over two sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of programming and technology.

The workshop’s first session focused on introducing children to basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, and conditionals. The session was designed to be interactive and engaging, with children participating in various activities and exercises that helped them to understand these concepts in a fun and accessible way.

In the second session, children learnt how to create simple games. The session was designed to be fun and educational, with children creating and sharing their games with their peers.

Throughout the workshop, children were encouraged to ask questions and explore their creativity. The trainers were always on hand to offer guidance and support, and the children were given plenty of opportunities to practice their skills and experiment with new ideas.

At the end of the workshop, the 30 children were presented with certificates of completion, recognizing their hard work and dedication. Many of the children expressed their enthusiasm for programming and technology, and several indicated that they were interested in pursuing careers in these fields in the future.

This children’s programming workshop was a great success. It allowed children to learn about programming and technology and encouraged them to explore their creativity and develop their skills. We look forward to continuing our partnership with gotec! and Constructor Group, and to provide more opportunities for children to learn about technology and programming in the future.

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