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Acronis and GoDaddy Pro partnership: empowering 650 children to study

The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program’s Schools Initiative works with underserved and neglected communities where children and youth lack educational infrastructure and poor learning environments to bring them solutions that meet each community’s unique needs.

Since 2021, we have partnered with GoDaddy Pro to build and improve schools in Guatemala and Sierra Leone, benefiting 650 students. With great pleasure, we announce that the construction projects in both regions have been completed, a feat that would not be possible without the generosity of our partner, GoDaddy Pro.

Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta San Antonio School in Guatemala

Many would know our existing Guatemala school, the Escuela Official Urbana Mixta San Antonio. In 2019, the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, Cloudfest and NGO partner Esperanza e.V., extended the existing school building by constructing five new classrooms. In 2021, we went even further with the help of GoDaddy Pro and remodelled and expanded three classrooms of the current facility, built four additional classrooms, and proper stairs for the school’s 525 students. This allowed students in the school to study in an environment optimised to encourage their growth and education.

Barbara Junior Secondary School in Sierra Leone

In December 2021, we started constructing a new school in Barbara, Sierra Leone, with the NGO partner Forikolo. Construction started smoothly, with much-appreciated input from the community. The building was built with innovative and sustainable methods, such as using bamboo and interlocking brick masonry. Although some problems surfaced, the school was completed in September 2022. Three buildings were built to facilitate the Junior High School of Barbara, and were designed to let in plenty of natural light and fresh air. With the safe and convenient new buildings, about 120 pupils are expected to attend the school. A hygiene room for girls and the distribution of reusable hygiene kits will allow them to attend school without shame.

“The impact of the school is so great that it is now motivating different students from different environments. Additionally, the enrolment has been increased to more than before. We now have more than enough sitting accommodations, since new furniture has been produced.”

Mr Mohamed Abu Sesay, School Principal

“These projects align with GoDaddy’s mission to make opportunity more inclusive for all. The successful completion of these projects provides communities with the educational resources they need and deserve,” said Paul Bindel, President of GoDaddy Partners. “We’re proud our efforts and partnership with Acronis created momentum in these communities and gave these students a chance at a formal, modern education.”

Thanks to the joint efforts of our organizations, the children in these underserved communities can now access proper education. To extend our reach and bring hope through education to many more communities around the world, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program welcomes individuals, groups, and companies to partner and work side-by-side with us.

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