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Unlocking new horizons for 400 children with a new computer classroom at Bwengu, Malawi

In 2023, collaboration between Acronis, Droidcon and our charity partner Groundbreaker brought forth a significant transformation to the Bwengu Community School in Malawi. With the aim of bridging the digital divide and empowering education, the implementation of a computer classroom marked a remarkable milestone in the school’s journey.

A two-room building was renovated and one of the rooms was transformed into a computer classroom. The newly furnished space now boasts 24 refurbished computers, a projector, and a photocopier, offering improved learning opportunities for current 400 students, as well as generations to come, and creating a more conducive working environment for teachers. The students are taught basic IT skills, such as using MS Office packages and cultivating ethical practices in digital resource usage, safe online surfing, digital communication, and cyberbullying prevention.

“I never thought I’d have the chance to touch a computer or even dream of studying computer studies. The computer lab at my school has opened doors I never knew existed. It has inspired me to pursue a computer-related career, and I will work hard to make this dream a reality.” Paulina, 16 y.o.

All 18 school teachers underwent comprehensive training sessions organized by our NGO partner on ground the Centre for Youth and Development. These training workshops covered a diverse range of topics, ensuring effective computer classroom management and utilization in the future.

“We firmly believe that with this enhanced digital infrastructure and expertise of our teachers, our students will be empowered to excel in various fields and develop the necessary digital literacy skills for their future success. The computer lab will serve as a gateway to endless possibilities, enabling our students to embrace innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. We extend our deepest gratitude to our donors for their visionary support in shaping a brighter future for our school and community.” Chimwemwe Sheba, headteacher.

The success of the computer classroom is not limited to its implementation but also extends to its long-term sustainability. A dedicated fund has been set up to allocate resources for the lab’s maintenance, safeguarding its functionality for years to come. Also, regular training workshops will be held for community members, fostering a shared responsibility for the lab’s well-being. The Centre for Youth and Development remains committed to monitoring the project’s progress, relying on its strong partnership with the community and the school.

The Bwengu computer classroom stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication in transforming education. With its doors wide open to endless possibilities, the lab will continue to inspire generations, empowering them to embrace the digital age and soar to new heights of knowledge and innovation. Together, let us build a world where education knows no boundaries and every child’s dreams can become a reality.

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