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Acronis Singapore takes on the Everesting challenge for ex-offender reintegration

This summer, a group of dedicated Acronis Singapore employees joined hands with HCSA Community Services to participate in a virtual cycling challenge that not only tested their physical endurance but also symbolized the uphill battle faced by ex-offenders seeking a second chance in society.

The challenge set before the Acronis Singapore team was to conquer an elevation gain of 8,848 meters. To put this into perspective, this is the exact height of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Why such a specific elevation? The answer lies in the parallel it draws between this virtual cycling challenge and the real-life struggle of ex-offenders. For individuals who have previously been incarcerated, reintegrating into society is often a monumental task. Society’s prejudices can create barriers to employment, social integration, and the public support that social service agencies like HCSA Community Services rely on. In much the same way that climbers must conquer numerous peaks before reaching the summit of Mount Everest, ex-offenders must overcome various hurdles on their journey to reintegration.

Proceeds from participation in the challenge went to HCSA Community Services. At its Highpoint, a transitional shelter, ex-offenders find a supportive basecamp where they can recover and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. This safe haven offers them the resources and support they need, mirroring the way climbers rely on basecamps for respite during their arduous ascent. Just as climbers return to basecamp after each peak, ex-offenders can count on HCSA Highpoint as a sanctuary where they can seek help whenever they face obstacles on their journey.

We congratulate our team on their active summer and for surpassing their goals. We also extend our gratitude to them for their consciousness and eagerness to help others!

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