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Gridheart and Acronis Cyber Foundation Program are on the mission to build a brighter future in Kenya

In a heartfelt collaboration, Acronis’ partner, Gridheart, has undertaken a noble mission to create a lasting impact on education in Kenya. The focus is on transforming Friends Secondary School Kibisi in Mbakalo ward into a conducive learning environment for its students. With a student population of 1,200, the school stands as an education hub in Mbakalo ward, addressing immediate needs and creating a ripple effect to enhance the overall educational landscape in the region.

Friends Secondary School Kibisi faces several challenges, including the absence of essential facilities such as a meeting hall, library, and computer lab, which Gridheart and Acronis aim to improve. Establishing a computer classroom is crucial for equipping students with digital skills in today’s technology-driven world. This initiative not only meets immediate educational needs but also prepares students for future challenges.

The second challenge involves the lack of proper amenities for school meetings, leading to events occurring under a large tree on the school field. Adverse weather conditions make this space inadequate, highlighting the need for a special meeting hall.

The positive impact extends beyond Friends Secondary School to benefit Kibisi Primary School, which shares its border and struggles with insufficient facilities. Expanding the secondary school’s infrastructure provides additional space to benefit the primary school during periods when secondary students do not use the center.

We invite all our partners and friends to join this initiative and provide more opportunities for hundreds of kids and future generations!

Acronis Cyber Foundation Program welcomes individuals, groups, and companies to partner with us to work side-by-side with underserved communities to bring them hope through education.

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