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Empowering the future: Acronis Bulgaria team’s commitment to support children

At Acronis in Bulgaria, our commitment to supporting the orphan house in the town of Roman remains unwavering. Our team of compassionate enthusiasts has embarked on a noble journey, creating a curriculum focused on life-essential skills and other valuable knowledge to help these children navigate the vast world of professions and define their career paths.

On February 17th, we marked a significant milestone as we conducted the first series of workshops. Three inspirational speakers shared their valuable experiences with the kids who are on the brink of graduating from school. The aim was not only to understand their interests and dreams but also to provide them with insights into various professions.

Recognizing the unique aspirations of each child, our team plans to tailor future classes to further fuel their passions. We believe that by offering targeted guidance, we can help these children make informed decisions about their futures.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our volunteer speakers and a warm invitation to all individuals who wish to share their professionalism and experiences with these children. While we understand that we cannot replace parents, we firmly believe that we hold the power to positively impact their lives and guide them towards success. Together, let’s empower these young minds and contribute to a brighter future for them.

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