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Acronis Japan team joins a cleanup initiative

In an inspiring demonstration of community spirit, the Acronis Japan team participated in their first clean-up event in Tokyo on June 15. Organized by the administration of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower business center, this event aimed to enhance the cleanliness and appeal of the office area in one of Tokyo’s bustling districts.

The event saw an impressive turnout, with approximately 90 participants, a third of whom were members of the Rotary International club, coming together to make a difference. Among the volunteers were five dedicated Acronis employees. The participants were divided into three groups to efficiently tackle different sections of the area, ensuring a thorough clean-up, with the Acronis team collecting about 25 kg of waste.

After contributing to the improvement of the Roppongi Hills area’s physical environment, the team looks forward to more opportunities to give back to the community.

Such initiatives serve as a reminder of the power of collective action and the importance of maintaining our urban environments, all while strengthening bonds and fostering social responsibility within the local business community.

We cordially thank our team in Japan for their dedication and hard work!

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