Formula Fun

A great book for your entire family. Solve a mystery and learn about motorsports along the way!
The high-quality watercolor pictures are eye-catching, the captions are cute, and the physical design is amazing
This is a colorful collection for all little fans of big races!
The illustrations have card flaps to lift, which reveal what's going on during the race.
The simple text explains everyone's special job at the race.
The eye-catching die-cuts reveal funny, interesting F1 secrets:

It's interesting, informative, interactive, and keeps kids busy with going through all the flaps over and over again. As the kids get older their appreciation for the book will grow too!

About the authors

The book is the result of a collaboration by two sisters.

Diana is an editor, writer and language trainer. She graduated from Irkutsk State University and Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. She has Master’s degree in primary education and a PhD in linguistics.
Liliya is a professional painter and design artist. She graduated from Irkutsk Art High School and The Moscow state university of design and technology. She is a member of the Artists' Union. Lily is also a mother of 5 y.o. twins.