IT Skills Programme for ex-offenders
Supporting knowledge today creates a better tomorrow

What we are doing


We prepare educational programs during which ex-offenders gain hard and soft skills necessary to secure a job.


We prepare motivational workshops helping our students regain their self-confidence and belief that they can do something meaningful.

Provide certificates

At the end of the training, our students earn certificates of recognition that will help them in their pursuit of employment.

Why we are doing this


Total number of imprisoned offenders

in Singapore, as per 2020


Recidivism rate, as per 2018


Inmates placed in community-based rehabilitation & reintegration programmes, as per 2020

Programme implementation

Acronis and the Yellow Ribbon Fund aim to improve the effectiveness of Singaporean ex-offender rehabilitation – regardless of age, background, or offence committed. By providing IT training to inmates, we give them highly relevant skills that they can use to turn their lives around after they are released, allowing them to build a better future for themselves and their families.

This initiative combines the best efforts and expertise from both Acronis and the Yellow Ribbon Fund, and serves as a stepping stone to creating a better, safer Singapore. We hope to generate greater awareness of the need for second chances, inspire more Singaporeans to accept ex-offenders into their lives, and encourage more to come forward to demonstrate support to the campaign.

The Acronis Foundation is committed to provide funding and organize IT educational programs over the next decade. To begin, four pilot groups of inmates of different ages will have completed our training by the end of 2018. Next year, courses will be developed based on the students prerequisites and analysis of past programs results.

2018 – 2020

4 groups trained

2021 – 2027

2-3 groups planned annually



Acronis and YRF are seeking to engage the community in giving ex-offenders a second chance by supporting them and their families.



average to receive

the IT Skills Programme training yearly


S$1 million

funding and services

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