Ecuador, Don Juan
Practical Trades Training Center in Ecuador
Construction period: Mar - May 2023


Type of facility

Training center with study area and rooms for educators and sanitary facilities and a warehouse


30 in each group



NGO partner

A Mano Manaba


Academic year

September to July

Literacy rate (15+ years old)

94.49 %


Project implementation

Don Juan is a small village with a population of 1,200. After the COVID-19 lockdown, the educational situation in the village worsened. A local NGO called A Mano Manaba (FAMM) aims to build a vocational training center for young people, especially young women. FAMM plans to teach 30 young girls per training. The organization strongly believes that the first cohort of students will encourage more young people to improve their education and gain practical skills, resulting in financial autonomy and improving their families’ income.

All of FAMM’s educational programs are created in response to the needs of the community. Moreover, six out of the eight members on the board are local residents. Currently, FAMM runs a local library which will is located next to the future training center.

The planned building will be seismically resistant and will include a training workshop, accommodation for volunteers, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a warehouse to store machinery and tools. The training will be led by international volunteers with the necessary professional skills who will stay in Don Juan for three months. FAMM provides food, lodging, and an unique intercultural experience for the volunteers.

We invite anyone interested in empowering girls and promoting gender equity to join us in this project. For more information, please contact us


About the country


Republic of Ecuador

Capital city



17 million people



Major languages

Spanish, Quechua, Shuar

Travel information

Ecuador has a diverse climate due to its location on the equator, with coastal areas experiencing a tropical climate, the Andean region having a temperate climate, and the Amazonian region having a humid climate.

Dry season

June to September along the coast and from June to November in the Andean highlands

Wet season

December to May along the coast, from October to May in the Andean highlands, and from April to August in the Amazon region

Average annual temperature

Along the coast, the average temperature ranges from 25°C (77°F) to 31°C (88°F) with high humidity, while in the Andean highlands, the temperature is cooler and ranges from 7°C (45°F) to 20°C (68°F) depending on the altitude. In the Amazon region, the average temperature is generally around 26°C (79°F), with high humidity and rainfall throughout the year.

Travel tips

Hotel recommendations

Quito: Hotel La Cartuja, Hostal Belmont Plaza, Hotel Sierra Madre

Puerto López: Hostal Humpback, Hotel Ancora, Hotel Agua Blanca

Places to eat

Quito: Café Mosaico, Zazu, Mercado Central

Puerto López: Restaurante Don Willy, El Faro, Hosteria Mandála

Best souvenirs from the country

Chocolate, Aguardiente, panela, coffee, rondador (panpipes), panama hats, Balsa wood carvings and products, filagra, Andean music instruments


Uber, Cabify, Easy Taxi, Yellow taxis, Radio taxis

Travel agencies

Happy Gringo, Latin Adventures, Metropolitan Touring, Andean Adventures, Wanderbus

Interpreting services

Interpreting Ecuador, Andean Language Services, Inlingua, Language Solutions, TransLingua

Proposed one week tour

Day 1: Quito

Day 2: Pailon del Diablo

Day 3: Cotopaxi volcano

Day 4: School visit

Day 5: Cajas National Park

Day 6: Ingapirca

Day 7: Galápagos Islands

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