Indonesia, Reda Pada
SMPK Santo Yohanes Kalembu Lona school
Construction period: Oct 2022 – Jan 2023


Type of facility

A school building with three classrooms, two lavatories, and two handwashing stations





NGO partner


Academic year

July to June

Literacy rate (15+ years old)

96 %

Out-of-school children

4.3 mln children and adolescents aged 7–18

Project implementation

SMPK Santo Yohanes Kalembu Lona was established in 2015 to offer secondary education to children in the Reda Pada village and nearby areas in Indonesia. The school previously operated in an inadequate wooden and bamboo structure with no doors or windows and many holes in the walls, which made it difficult for teachers and students to concentrate. In late 2022, Happy Hearts Indonesia (HHI) and the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program constructed a new, earthquake-resistant school building with three classrooms, two toilets, and two hand-washing stations. HHI also provided training to teachers and students on various topics, including financial management, disaster preparedness, and school hygiene.

To further enhance the educational opportunities for the 59 students at SMPK Santo Yohanes Kalembu Lona, we aim to provide a computer classroom with 22 laptops and a projector. To support this initiative, please contact us at

About the country


The Republic of Indonesia

Capital city



276 million people


Indonesian rupiah (Rp) (IDR)

Major languages

Indonesian and over 700 regional languages

Travel information

The school is located on the Sumba island, where the climate is tropical and it is hot all year round.

Annual average temperature

between 31°C (87°F) and 33°C (91°F)

Dry season

June to October

Wet season

December to March

Travel tips

Hotel recommendations

Mario Hotel and Cafe

Best souvenirs from the country

Batik, wayang puppets, woodcraft, coffee, traditional musical instruments and weapons, silver products and precious stones, local snacks, Indonesian miniatures of local temples and statues, masks

Travel agencies

Come 2 Indonesia

Interpreting services

Bahasa Indonesia Interpreting and Translation Services

Proposed one week tour

Day 1: School visit

Day 2: Kampung Tarung

Day 3: Mandorak beach

Day 4: Ratenggaro village

Day 5: Lapopu waterfall, Waikabubak

Day 6: Wai Marang waterfall

Day 7: One of the national parks of the island

Read what community says about the project

I am thrilled as a teacher to see our school equipped with a computer lab. While this may seem ordinary for some, for us at SMPK Kalembu Lona, it’s an extraordinary addition that greatly enhances our teaching activities. With the Computer Lab, I am hopeful that students will experience significant improvements in their learning journey.
Ariance Malo
English teacher
I feel proud to be a student at SMPK Kalembu Lona because we now have access to computer equipment. Before the Computer Lab was established, I had little understanding of computers and how to use them. But now, thanks to our school’s Computer Lab, I’ve learned to operate computers, type assignments, and even search for information on the Internet.
Anastasia Farida Malo
3rd grade student
As a Science Subject Teacher at our school, I’m thrilled about the new building we’ve received. It’s made a remarkable difference in our teaching environment. Now, we feel much safer and more enthusiastic during class. The improved facilities, especially the better whiteboards, have truly enhanced our teaching experience.
Miss Lende
Science teacher
Speaking as a grade 3 student, I’m Stevania Revina Umbu, and I can’t express enough how grateful my friends and I are for our new school building. We no longer have to squeeze into crowded classrooms, and the spaciousness makes learning much more enjoyable. With these improvements, I feel more motivated than ever to excel in my studies.
Stevania Revina Umbu
3rd grade student
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