Namibia, Baumgartsbrunn
Baumgartsbrunn Farm School
Construction Period: Jan - Sep 2021


Type of facility

A school with 10 furnished classrooms + lavatory + outside area





NGO partner


Academic year

January to December

Literacy rate (15+ years old)



Project implementation

The Baumgartsbrunn Primary School was founded in the 1970s, allowing the children of local farm workers to attend school for the first time — which had previously not been possible due to the distance to the capital of Windhoek (40 km). The Baumgartsbrunn facility is a boarding school, where students and teachers stay throughout the school year.

The Baumgartsbrunn Primary School hosts around 200 students, ranging from 7–14 years old. Students are speakers of the Khoekhoe (Damara) language group, which has a low social status in Namibia.

The previous school building had stable walls, but an aluminum ceiling made conditions very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. Some of the classrooms didn’t have any windows, and the outside area needed renovations in order to create a safe space for play. The school was at risk of being closed, which would mean that most of the children would have no access to education and would have to return to their parents’ farms.

The newly renovated school opened in August 2021. In addition to Acronis’ help, work on the school building was directly supported by the company’s founder and Chief Research Officer Serg Bell and his daughter Sofia. With the Schools Initiative, the Acronis Cyber Foundation aims to develop computer classrooms in each school that it builds. Serg’s children Sofia and Alexander are currently raising funds for this effort. Help the kids in Namibia gain computer literacy skills by donating towards the construction of a computer classroom today!

About the country


Namibia, South Africa

Capital city



2,4 million people


South African Rand

Major languages

Mainly English, with Owambo as the second most spoken language

Travel information

Namibia’s climate is hot and dry, especially on the plateau where the Baumgartsbrunn Primary School is located. The average daytime temperatures lie around 30° C in January and 20° C in July, while nighttime temperatures drop to around 17° C in January and 7° C in June. Rainfall is rare between June and September.

Travel tips

Hotel recommendations

Hilton Windhoek

Places to eat

The Stellenbosch Tasting Room

Best souvenirs from the country

Wooden masks and figures, fabrics, bottle top magnets, wooden and rag dolls, products made with macalani seeds, musical instruments, dry meat, Namibian wine


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Travel agencies

XL The Travel Professionals

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Proposed one week tour

Day 1: Arrival to Hosea Kutako International Airport. Windhoek city tour

Day 2: School visit

Day 3: Etosha National Park

Day 4: Deadvlei, Sossusvlei

Day 5: Trip to Luderitz, city tour

Day 6: Kolmanskop

Day 7: Fish River Canyon

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