Papua New Guinea, Kou Kou
Kokoda College in Papua New Guinea
Construction Period: Jun 2022 – Mar 2023


Type of facility

A building with two classrooms and office area





NGO partner

Kokoda Track Foundation


Academic year

January to November

Literacy rate (15+ years old)


Project implementation

Kokoda College, situated in remote Kou Kou Village, Oro Province, provides post-high school and tertiary education through the Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) program. FODE offers a second chance at high school education, enabling early school leavers to re-enroll and improve their GPAs for tertiary entry.

Gender equity is a top priority, fostering opportunities for women and girls in teaching and healthcare careers.

The region’s mountainous terrain makes it accessible only by air and foot, with limited electricity and communication infrastructure. In 2023, Acronis funded the construction of a double classroom with tablets, solar lighting, and a ramp for disabled students, increasing enrollment from 175 to 250.

News from the project

Update from Kokoda College: advancements in access and…
In 2023, the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, in collaboration with its NGO partners Groundbreaker and Kokoda Track Foundation, expanded…
Kokoda College’s new study block is opened
Kokoda College, an institution located in the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea, has been educating students for years. In 2023, the Acronis…

About the country


The Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Capital city

Port Moresby


11.78 million people


Kina (PGK)

Major languages

English, Hiri Motu, PNG Sign Language, Tok Pisin

Travel information

Papua New Guinea has a tropical climate characterized by high temperatures and humidity throughout the year. The coastal regions experience heavy rainfall and high temperatures, while the highlands have a cooler and more temperate climate with less rainfall.

Dry season

May to October, with the months of June to September being the driest

Wet season

November to April

Travel tips

Hotel recommendations

Kokoda Trail Motel, Tufi Resort Hotel, Madang Resort, Lamington Hotel (Boroko, NCD Section 24, Allotment 23 & 24, Cnr of Angau Drive, Mairi Place, Boroko, NCD), Birdwing Butterfly Lodge, Oro Guest House, Suh Guest House, Timos Transit House, Comfort Inn

Places to eat

Port Moresby: Nusa Island Retreat,  The Cellar Restaurant, Tandoor on the Harbour

Best souvenirs from the country

Bilum bags, wooden carvings, baskets, traditional art by numerous indigenous tribes, Tapa cloth, shell jewelry, stone axes and tools, Bilas jewelry, cultural masks, Kina shell money, cocoa and coffee, music instruments

Travel agencies

Intrepid Travel, No Limit Adventures, Crooked Compass

Interpreting services

Tok Pisin

Proposed one week tour

Day 1: Port Moresby, National Museum and Art Gallery

Day 2: Kokoda trek

Day 3: College visit

Day 4: Tufi

Day 5: Milne Bay Province

Day 6: Varirate National Park

Day 7: Port Moresby, the Port Moresby Nature Park

Read what community says about the project

The double classroom is a vital bonus for Kokoda College. It is a truly adaptable space that we use as a classroom for student learning, staff meetings & zoom briefings, as it is equipped with updated technology and infrastructure. We also use it as a space for FODE interviews, Preenrolment testing, and registrations. We like to have the windows open, allowing a breeze to flow through, creating a comfortable and equipped learning space.
Patricia Diveni
Projects and Welfare Coordinator at Kokoda College
I have seen a lot of proud parents from very remote areas coming in to show appreciation and gratitude. They are so happy when one of their sons and daughters who were shut out from mainstream studies is accepted here.
John Yandawai
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