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The pilot group of immigrant students completed the Acronis IT Skills Programme in Switzerland

On August 7 2020, our pilot group of immigrant students completed the Acronis IT Skills Programme course in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and graduated with a small celebratory event. They are also joined by their families, friends, tutors and local authorities to share this meaningful moment with them.

The graduates received Certificates of Completion and demonstrated their newly acquired skills to all the guests. Mr Kurt Zubler, Managing Director Integres, Cantonal Delegate for Integration in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Mr Lukas Hauser, Head of the secondary education and vocational training department at KOSCH in the Canton of Schaffhausen, and Mr Juergen Bruecker, Executive Vice President at Schaffhausen Institute of Technology, together with all the guests congratulated the graduates and wished success in their future endeavours.

The pilot group consists of 21 participants with varied backgrounds. During the 5-week course, they learnt IT skills like MS Office basics and other employability skills such as general rules of effective learning and working, and how to remain competitive in the corporate business world.

We congratulate the graduates on their achievement and hope they will continue to pursue life-long learning.

Photos: Michael Kessler

Watch a short video about the project:

You can also learn more about the program from TopOnline, Schaffhausen Nachrichten, ICT Kommunication, Punkt4, and MoneyCab.

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