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Construction has begun on the first Acronis computer classroom

The Acronis Cyber Foundation firmly believes that to succeed in the modern world, one must be able to read, write, count, speak English, and be digitally literate. With the help of these essential skills, people can change their own lives — and the lives of those in their communities — for the better.

For the last two years, we have been working towards this goal by constructing schools in many underserved communities around the world, where children can safely and comfortably receive an education.

This December, the Acronis Schools Initiative started a “Phase Two” program to further improve one of our existing schools — the construction of the first Acronis computer classroom. This will be part of the Terrat Secondary School in Terrat village, outside the city of Arusha, Tanzania. Once completed, the classroom will be equipped with 15 desktop computers and the Acronis Cyber Foundation will introduce IT classes into the curriculum.

With this new classroom, we’re aiming to promote the importance of computer literacy among students and teachers, and to increase overall enrollment and retention rates. Not only will the children have access to better learning materials and research tools in a global context, but they’ll also be able to start familiarizing themselves with digital learning.

Terrat Secondary School is located 40 km from Loongung village, where Acronis opened a primary school two years ago. After the completion of their primary school education, students from Loongung are assigned into four streams and continue to attend secondary schools in the four other villages. We want to bridge the digital learning gap for these primary school kids by introducing IT classes early.

The project will be managed by our NGO partner on the ground, ECLAT, who will assist the school administration and students with any technical problems they may run into.

We’re thrilled to begin this important project, but there are more Acronis schools in need of your help. During this holiday season, please consider making a contribution to our Angel Tree at For as little as $25, you can provide a child in need with a full year of computer classes — and the hope for a brighter future.

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