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Hope and Humanity – Laptops & tablets for children of Mariupol

As Ukrainians struggle to flee from the conflict, it’s important for everyone globally to contribute to various humanitarian efforts to make these transitions as easy as possible for the people of Ukraine. When the world seems darkest, there are always those whose compassionate actions light a path to happiness and prosperity.

These are the stories of some of those shining lights, and what they do to make these hard times easier for those most affected.

Fifty-eight children aged seven to seventeen miraculously escaped from the bombing in Mariupol, Ukraine, to Lublin, Poland. Despite the close shave, their lives continue to be uncertain. Their education is disrupted, and they cannot enroll in the local schools.

Acronis Cyber Foundation partnered with Fundacja Gdy Liczy się Czas (When Time Counts Foundation) in Poland to bring laptops and tablets to the Mariupol Children’s Care Home to help the children.

Our Poland team, Artur Cyganek and Paulina Wieczorek, delivered thirty-one laptops (for older kids) and twenty-seven tablets (for younger kids) to the Home and spent some time mingling with the children on 17 May 2022. We hope they will find the courage to continue their education and forge ahead in their new journeys.

Acronis Cyber Foundation has released funds of $250,000 for humanitarian assistance to those in need. If you like to partner with us, please contact us.

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