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Hope and Humanity – From İskenderun to Kirikhan

The recent earthquake in Turkey has caused immense damage and loss of life. The international community has shown solidarity with the people of Turkey by providing financial support and other assistance. When the world seems darkest, there are always those whose compassionate actions light a path to happiness and prosperity.

These are the stories of some of those shining lights and what they do to make these hard times easier for those most affected.

Jeoffrey Jockmans – Partner Success Manager with Acronis in Bulgaria

File photo of Jeoffrey Jockmans

I recently went to İskenderun in Turkey with two other NGO volunteers and stayed there for three days, from February 14 to 16. We were there to participate in the earthquake rescue mission as volunteers with the local civil protection. As we got there, the atmosphere was tense. Many people were homeless and injured. We chose to lend a hand by buying supplies from the local stores and pharmacies. We also purchased food, water, blankets, and medical supplies and headed out to help as many people as possible.

Photo by Çağlar Oskay on Unsplash

A group of neighborhood volunteers served as our tour guide and took us around the city. The devastation was visible in the damaged areas. Without access to essential facilities, people lived in tents and temporary structures. We provided the tents and supplies we had purchased for anyone who needed them. We worked in shifts to ensure that everyone got a chance to rest and recharge. The locals were grateful for our help; their resilience and determination touched us.

Photo by Chandler Cruttenden on Unsplash

On the second day, we decided to travel to Kirikhan, another area impacted by the earthquake. Further traces of the earthquake’s devastation were visible as we drove through the streets. We made several stops to disperse the items we had brought and provide any help. We received a call from the local civil protection organization for which we volunteered around the end of our second day. They informed us that we had been given permission to join the rescue effort and that we now had to head back to our starting point.

As we said goodbye to the residents and made a pledge to come back and help them rebuild, our hearts were heavy. After the rescue operation, we returned to İskenderun, packed our belongings, and got ready to depart, but we knew that the memories of the people we had saved would live on forever.

We are teaming up with our local partners and government agencies to provide essential supplies to support the humanitarian aid efforts. The Acronis Cyber Foundation Program and Groundbreaker have set up a donation page that allows you to contribute financially in USD or Euros.

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Recurring donations are accepted and encouraged. With the help and generosity of others, this region can rebuild from this disaster. Together we can give much-needed relief and aid to those injured or lost family or housing.

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