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A tech-driven education story: Acronis and Zebra Systems in rural Nepal

The community of Rajipur Chaumala shared an update with us on the impact of the computer classroom which Acronis and Zebra Systems equipped in the Bagdola school back in 2021.

The arrival of the computer classroom turned the learning journey into an exciting adventure. Students, who once had limited exposure to technology, found a new way to engage with their studies. The use of projectors to teach subjects like reading, rhymes, and math turned the classroom into a captivating space. Complex ideas became simpler to grasp with visuals and sounds, making learning more enjoyable and effective.

Teachers also saw positive changes. They learned how to operate the smart classroom, making lessons more interactive and engaging. Beyond teaching, they could now handle administrative tasks like preparing students’ reports using computers. This newfound tech-savviness empowered teachers to explore online resources, enhancing their teaching materials and knowledge base.

The introduction of an internet connection in the school brought a world of information to both students and teachers. It wasn’t just about browsing the web; it meant access to a treasure trove of educational materials. Teachers could now go beyond textbooks, making lessons more interesting and relevant. This step aligned with the local government’s priorities, showing that education was at the heart of the community.

The success of this tech initiative was also due to smart planning. The school established a schedule to ensure that all classes could benefit from the technology. However, challenges like limited time and space for practical lessons popped up. Despite these hurdles, the school management committee, in collaboration with local representatives, kept everything running smoothly.

Of course, no journey is without its bumps. Some students struggled to attend classes due to the distance to the school. In response, the school management committee organized transportation, which not only solved attendance issues but also showed the community’s commitment to education.

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