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Revitalizing education in Ambalafeno, Madagascar: the transformational and inspirational story of Morarano School

Education has the incredible ability to change lives and uplift communities. In 2020, in Ambalafeno, Madagascar, Acronis supported restoration of Morarano School in 2020. Two years later, in 2022, we took another step forward by equipping a computer classroom within the school. These efforts have made a real impact on students, teachers, and the community, have a look.

Improving infrastructure and bringing technology

Restoration of the Morarano School has breathed new life into the campus. The school now has a more coordinated and unified look, which makes it feel like a place of progress and unity. With the addition of new buildings and modern facilities, the school’s appearance has improved, and this has had a positive effect on education in the area.

The introduction of a computer classroom has given Morarano School a unique edge in technology. This has not only attracted new students but has also increased enrollment by 23% compared to the previous year. The school’s strong performance in the National exam has further solidified its reputation, encouraging more parents to enroll their children.

Happy students and creative teaching

The expansion from four to six grades due to the new construction has given more children the chance to get a quality education. Students love the new buildings and are making good use of the modern facilities. This has created a better learning environment and motivated students to participate actively in class.

Morarano School’s inclusion in the Ministry of Education’s numeric program has opened up new opportunities for students. They now have access to a library and additional courses, enriching their learning experience.

The school also implements an educational technique in which the classrooms are arranged in a circle so the teachers and the students are at an equal distance. This allows a more friendly and enhanced learning environment. The way teachers teach is more open and motivates active participation of students.

Changing student population

Morarano School’s transformation is evident not just in its buildings, but also in its students. The school used to have only 80 to 100 students and three teachers, but now it accommodates 336 students with six teachers. This has been a big change for the community, as more children are attending school rather than doing household chores.

The increase in enrollment is partly due to the school’s impressive 96% success rate in the National exam. This success has motivated parents to prioritize education and choose Morarano School. Currently, the school serves 25 villages, of which 12 are close to the location, but the rest are around 4 to 5 kilometers apart.

Empowered teachers

All the teachers at the Morarano school are motivated by the updates implemented there. Each year, the teachers participate in a capacity-building program the Ministry of Education provides, lasting one to two weeks. Additionally, they engage in training sessions four to five times annually.

To provide some context, most schools in Madagascar are built with brick and mud with small classrooms. New teachers joining Morarano are amazed by the size and quality of the school and they say the school’s atmosphere is inspiring and primarily influence the motivation and dedication teachers put into their work.

A day in the life of a Morarano student

A typical student’s day starts by waking up and helping their parents prepare breakfast, starting a firewood or grinding the coffee. After that, they feed the animals on their farms, prepare lunch, and go to school.

At school, the majority of hobbies pursued involve computer learning. The students also acquire general knowledge through the Malagasy government program, which covers subjects like Malagasy, French, English, Mathematics, and sciences. After school, they commonly assist their parents with household chores and dedicate time to their homework.

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