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Acronis Bulgaria team takes on a green mission: cleaning-up Vitosha Mountain

As September rolls around, Bulgarians across the country gear up to participate in the annual national movement, “Let’s Clean Up Bulgaria Together.” This year, the dedicated employees of Acronis Sofia office decided to unite in this meaningful cause. On September 2, a team of 62 employees, along with their family members, ventured to the picturesque Vitosha mountain forest area—a beloved retreat for Sofia’s nature enthusiasts—determined to rid it of litter.

Their collective efforts resulted in an impressive haul of more than 200 kilograms of plastic trash and various small debris, including cigarette butts and candy wrappers. Fueled by their enthusiasm, the team also totally cleaned the abandoned building and the abandoned well having served as an improvised communal trash bin to Vitosha visitors for many years.

As agreed with the park administration, the Acronis team took the initiative to protect and preserve the forest’s amenities and varnished all its benches and tables. Some of these seating areas had become hidden behind overgrown thickets of nettles and raspberries, which the dedicated team promptly cleared away. They also diligently removed nettles from several sections, ensuring that the trails remained accessible to all visitors.

The team’s spirits soared throughout the day as they combined teamwork with a purpose-driven mission. They left the forest area with a sense of accomplishment and pledged to repeat this impactful endeavor in the future.

Tatyana Alexeeva, the driving force behind this initiative, shared her inspiration: “Our team had been contemplating organizing a clean-up for nearly a year, but it remained just an idea until now. When I came across an internal company news story about our Acronis counterparts in Romania and their remarkable clean-up efforts in a vast forest near Bucharest, I was truly inspired. It was the final push I needed. I reached out to our Acronis Cyber Foundation Program team, and together, we organized this team outing with a noble cause.”

The initiative resonated with participants on a personal level as well. One of the team members commented, “We loved the idea so much that I decided to bring my family along, including the kids. I saw it as an opportunity to lead by example and teach them valuable lessons. Surprisingly, they had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After the cleanup, we even had a picnic, making it a perfect way to spend a Saturday.”

Acronis Sofia’s remarkable contribution to “Let’s Clean Up Bulgaria Together” exemplifies how corporate responsibility, environmental consciousness, and team-building can seamlessly come together to create a positive impact on both the community and the natural world. Their dedication and enthusiasm serve as an inspiring example for others to follow, reminding us all that small acts of kindness and environmental stewardship can lead to meaningful change.

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