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Bringing smiles: Acronis Singapore team’s toy drive for underprivileged kids

This week, the Acronis Singapore team did something pretty cool – they gathered up their own toys, the ones still in good shape, and then Acronis chipped in to match the donations. All these toys found a new home with the Food from the Heart Foundation; they became part of the Toy Buffet event run by Food from the Heart. This event is all about creating a fun experience for underprivileged kids. They collect both new and gently used toys, wrap them up all fancy, and let the kids pick the ones they like.

The Toy Buffet isn’t just about toys – it’s a whole carnival for about 3,000 kids who might not get to experience that kind of joy often. There are games, tasty food, and, of course, the excitement of choosing a toy to take home.

Why does Food from the Heart do this? It’s not just about giving out toys; it’s about sending a message of hope and love to these kids. Toys aren’t just for fun; they spark creativity and, most importantly, they’re made for playing – something every kid loves.

Thank you, team, for joining in on a community effort to spread happiness. Even small acts of kindness, like sharing your old toys, can make a big difference, creating ripples of positive change in the community.

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