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Acronis Bulgaria goes beyond the office: a day of corporate social responsibility and adventure

On October 28, 50 employees and their family members from Acronis Bulgaria gathered for a second forest area clean-up this autumn.

In a previous initiative, the team dedicated their time to preserving the Vitosha mountain forest area. There, they not only undertook the crucial task of cleaning up the natural surroundings but also contributed to the maintenance of the area’s infrastructure by painting benches and tables. This time, their efforts were directed towards Kambanite Park, a sprawling territory encompassing 380 acres. Armed with determination and a sense of responsibility, the team worked tirelessly and managed to rid the park of an impressive 376 kg of waste.

Following the clean-up, the Acronis team enjoyed an adrenaline-pumping experience courtesy of Sparta Games. But who exactly are Sparta Games? Comprising Rossen, a renowned grappling and kick-boxing trainer; Mariyana Dimitrova, a Bulgarian Olympic athlete and one of the fastest women on the planet; and Joro, a special forces expert and action actor, Sparta Games is a dynamic trio dedicated to organizing adventure and sports games.

With their impressive backgrounds and expertise, Sparta Games has become a recognized partner for numerous global companies and causes promoting an active and adventurous lifestyle. Their involvement added an extra layer of excitement to the day, turning it into not just a clean-up effort but a memorable adventure for the Acronis team and an immersive, dynamic experience for everyone involved. Engaging in fun sports games and friendly competition not only injected a dose of thrill into the day but also fostered team building, camaraderie, and a shared sense of accomplishment. Beyond the confines of the office, Acronis Bulgaria demonstrated that a strong team is one that extends its impact beyond the workplace and actively engages with the community.

Thank you, team, for your dedication to the environmental sustainability of our communities, and thanks to Sparta Games for bringing an adventurous spirit to our team gathering!

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