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The ongoing impact and future vision in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru

In 2023, Acronis returned to the community of Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, to further expand the school building. Additional classrooms, a library, a gym, a sports court, and a roofed central courtyard were constructed, leading to an increase in enrollment by an additional 25 students, with a plan to augment the student population by 25 kids annually.

The computer classroom, equipped by Acronis in 2021, has provided invaluable support in the study process. The initial benefit of this initiative was the ability to access online information for research and project compilation during the COVID-19 lockdown. Now, teachers use it to prepare additional materials for classes and provide students with more engaging and appealing educational content. Students primarily benefit from utilizing computers for their school assignments and enhancing the information their teachers provide in class. Access to the Internet and computers empowers students to broaden their understanding and explore various sources. For instance, they can create comprehensive infographics on numerous topics, conduct independent research with the guidance of a tutor, and leverage online resources.
What is remarkable is that the computer classroom has made it possible to launch a secondary-level education program in the school, where computer studies are compulsory.

Impact on the community

The community comprises underprivileged families, often struggling with poverty and facing high rates of school dropouts. However, the community’s primary advantage lies in providing easier access to education, even for those living on the fringes of society. Education is the cornerstone for nurturing a more supportive and improved community. Families benefit as their children receive a high-quality education without any cost and the assurance of year-round meals. This opens doors to education for the most disadvantaged children who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Maintenance of the project relies primarily on parents, who contribute their labor throughout the year to upkeep the school facilities.

Future outlook

The school’s future outlook includes gradually expanding its facilities to offer its students a complete secondary education cycle. This expansion will entail the construction of four additional classrooms, the establishment of a physics and chemistry laboratory for experiments, and the creation of a sports area dedicated to physical education. These developments are planned to be implemented in the coming years to ensure the necessary spaces are available.

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