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Updates from Barbara Junior Secondary School in Sierra Leone

In September 2022, construction of Barbara Junior Secondary School in Barbara, Sierra Leone, was completed. A year after the school began operating, its administration shared information about its impact on the local community. The school significantly influenced the community in two primary ways. Firstly, it led to a rise in student enrollment and attendance. The school’s population increased from 250 to 375 students, and the partner organization expects further enrollment rate increases in the next academic year. Secondly, parents from Barbara and surrounding communities are now saving more money. Previously, they had to send their children to urban areas, where they often encountered difficulties with accommodation, food, and other challenges. This significantly affected girls, who sometimes dropped out of school.

The school is now attracting students from neighboring communities who interact with their peers from these areas. Additionally, it fosters stronger bonds among parents and guardians, particularly during Parents and Teachers Association meetings held at the school.

Moreover, the students have excelled academically, and several have been admitted to senior secondary schools (junior secondary school ends with class 9 in Sierra Leone). The conducive learning environment at the school allows for better performance. The classrooms are adequately ventilated, and the project has supplied furniture.

The teachers also find the construction of new classrooms a great benefit. Before this, there was no dedicated staff room for teachers to prepare for their classes, organize documents, or even an office for the principal to carry out administrative tasks. Now, having a spacious staff room and a separate office for the Principal has greatly improved working conditions.

In the future, the school aims to establish a senior secondary school due to the long distance covered by students seeking a senior school education.

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