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Thank you for making magic happen this holiday season!

Celebrating Acronis’ 20th anniversary this year, our global team came together to fulfill the wishes of 20 underprivileged children, making the holiday season memorable and joyful for them. Through our collective efforts, we’ve managed to assist more than 450 children! Learn more about our regional initiatives.

Donation of toys and clothes to Andrea in Romania

Andrea from Romania received toys, clothes, and a schoolbag with rollers to help her carry school books due to her walking disorder. Without parents, Andrea is cared for by her elder brother, and the family faces challenging financial circumstances.

Fulfilling wishes for a family in Israel

Shoham Catalina, Shalev, Adaya Rachel, and Oria Vivianne are children from the same family in Israel. Their house was destroyed in the conflict, leaving the entire family with nothing. Invited to an Acronis employee’s home for a Hanukkah candle ceremony, they had a wonderful time. The younger girls received dolls and a dollhouse, the older girl received a surfboard, and the boy received football and fishing equipment.

Gifts for Camila and Layla, Argentina

Camila, who battles with an intellectual disability and epilepsy, harbors a passion for music and arts, and dreamed of having a cell phone to play her favorite songs. Her younger sister, Layla, loves dinosaurs and unusual creatures. Their father passed away and their mother is unable to work, committed to Camila’s full-time care — making the prospect of a cell phone and toys seem like distant dreams. We are pleased to share that Camila and Layla’s wishes came true: Camila got a cell phone to listen to her favorite songs and Layla received a toy. As their mom isn’t able to work while caring for Camila full-time, their mother also received a cell phone.

Gifts for orphan children in Bulgaria

Fifty orphan children in Roman, Bulgaria, received individual gifts, Christmas t-shirts, and sweets for the holidays.

The gifts were wrapped with care and love by a local Acronis team.

Moreover, the team decided to support another cause for the orphanage. The orphanage received a second-hand minibus (8+1 seats) from a Dutch NGO ten years ago, but the bus, now 25 years old, irreversibly broke several months ago. The orphanage administration used it three times a day to transport disabled kids from their homes to daycare, bring the kids to a doctor, and more. The local Acronis team decided to help them fundraise for a new minivan or bus and managed to attract media attention to the cause, resulting in the collection of 17,000 USD. They also organized a Christmas charity workshop where the team crafted handmade holiday decorations, greeting cards, and more.

Later, the items were sold at a holiday market organized for the company’s employees, bringing in 1,900 USD for the cause. Several kids from the orphanage also participated in the market, selling their own handmade decorations and enjoying some quality time with the team.

Donation of toys to the Center of Infants, Children and Youth Protection, in Belgrade, Serbia

Acronis Serbia team donated toys which can be enjoyed by all 200 children in an orphanage in Belgrade as well as some besic life essential things for the childcare.

Toy drive for the Boston Children’s Hospital, USA

Acronis USA team donated 1,855 USD to the Boston Children’s Hospital. The funds supported the general hospital’s campaign to ensure that the holidays were celebrated to the fullest, providing gifts for each patient, virtual Santa visits, and other special moments and addressing urgent needs throughout the season.

Toy donation in Germany

Acronis Germany team brought new and their own used toys in good condition and donated them to Weißer Rabe GmbH – Recycling, which further distributed them to children. The team aimed to bring a special Christmas mood to the donated toys and also carefully wrapped them in holiday paper to add a magical touch.

Book donation drive in Bulgaria

Another wonderful initiative organized by the Acronis Bulgaria team was the donation of books for the “Make Magic” campaign. Through this campaign, 210 children received books for the holidays.

Access to age-appropriate books is vital for children’s development. It not only fosters a love for reading but also plays a crucial role in cognitive and emotional growth. Age-appropriate literature engages children, sparking their imagination, broadening their understanding of the world, and enhancing their language skills. By providing these books, we contribute to creating a nurturing environment for these kids, fostering a foundation for a brighter future. The success of this campaign reflects the dedication of our team to making a meaningful difference in the community, recognizing the importance of literacy in shaping the lives of young minds,” said Eva Ilkova, the project leader.

As promised, Acronis doubled all in-kind donations and funds raised from its employees. We thank everyone who joined our holiday campaign and brought joy to children’s lives!

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