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Empowering Ethiopian youth: Acronis Israel team’s inspiring volunteering event

In Israel, the Ethiopian community represents a group that, despite its rich cultural heritage, often faces challenges in fully integrating into broader society. Many members of this community come from backgrounds where they might not have had ample access to quality education and resources, leading to difficulties in navigating competitive job markets. Additionally, some may encounter barriers to professional growth due to societal biases. Moreover, as newcomers or individuals unfamiliar with certain aspects of the local culture, they might not always be aware of available opportunities or could face occasional misunderstandings. Our enthusiastic local team stepped in to bring in some positive change and decided to connect the ambitious individuals eager to make their mark in the high-tech industry with top-notch specialists who possess vast experience, ensuring they have equal opportunities to thrive.

On March 13, 2024, in partnership with a local NGO, Tech Career, working with the Ethiopian population in Israel, the team hosted a truly remarkable volunteer event that not only showcased the history and core values of Acronis as a company but also served as a beacon of inspiration for a diverse group of young students. The session kicked off with an engaging presentation on the company’s journey, emphasizing the culture of sharing, welcoming, and belonging within the high-tech family. It was a powerful reminder of how our collective efforts contribute to a larger purpose.

Maxime Seligman, Technical Project Manager at Acronis, took the stage to demystify the complexities of front-end development, offering an in-depth look at the foundational languages of the internet. His passion for the subject was infectious, as he skillfully explained how these technologies are crafted and modified.

Eyal Fischel, Software Developer at Acronis, in his turn, navigated the audience through the intricacies of back-end development, shedding light on the exponential growth of today’s technologies. His expertise and enthusiasm for the backend landscape were evident, making the topic accessible and captivating for everyone.

Alex Levin, Senior Technical Project Manager, talked about secrets of databases, expertly illustrating how organizing and making the most valuable asset of any company — data — can drive success. His dedication to sharing this knowledge with the next generation was palpable and truly motivating.

What made this event exceptionally profound was the diversity of our speakers – Maxime, Eyal, and Alex – who hailed from vastly different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, yet were united by a common goal: to empower the future generation to contribute to global innovation. Their commitment to breaking down barriers and bridging social divides was the highlight of the day.

The enthusiasm of our Acronis volunteer team was so overwhelming that they extended the session by 40 minutes to ensure every question was answered. They also shared their contact details with the participants, offering them a direct line for any future inquiries or guidance they might need. This mentoring opportunity signifies their commitment to nurturing talent and fostering connections within the industry.

The event was a testament to the power of volunteerism and the impact it can have on aspiring professionals. By sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion, we are not just shaping the future of technology but also building a community that values diversity, collaboration, and innovation.

We thank the volunteer speakers for making this event a memorable and impactful occasion and look forward to many more opportunities to mentor, guide, and inspire the innovators of tomorrow.

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