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Women’s History Month at the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program: meet Desislava Lazarova

Today, we want to shine a spotlight on another amazing lady and ambassador of the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program – Desislava, a remarkable soul who has not only embraced our cause but has become the true find of the year for us.

Desislava’s dedication has been truly remarkable. She actively participated in every project organized by our team in Bulgaria, ranging from supporting and co-organizing clean-ups in beloved areas like Kopitoto and Kambanite to facilitating donations for underprivileged children. Her involvement extends across a diverse range of initiatives that profoundly impact lives.

One of Desislava’s projects was the transformational work she led at School 34, “Stoyu Shishkov,” in Sofia. Her brainchild, the installation of informational boards featuring Bulgarian scientists and their groundbreaking discoveries that changed the world, promises to inspire generations to come.

Yet, it is her efforts to support orphaned children in the city of Roman that truly showcase Desislava’s exceptional selflessness. She organized individual gifts, clothes, and sweets for each of the 50 children during last Christmas season, making their celebration special.

Furthermore, she initiated a fundraising campaign to replace the orphanage’s broken minivan. The campaign not only surpassed expectations but became a nationwide phenomenon covered on national TV, raising over $65,000. This achievement ensures that children can now continue vital doctor visits, attend school, and more. Desislava also launched an educational course called “School for Life” aimed at providing basic knowledge to children about to graduate, enhancing their employment and educational prospects. The first workshop took place in February 2024 and received support from three teammates. Apart from philanthropic initiatives with like-minded colleagues, she independently drives a fundraising campaign to ensure a memorable prom for orphaned children graduating from school this year, aiming to provide them with quality outfits. If you would like to support this initiative, please let us know at

Desislava, reflecting on her social initiatives with the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program, shared, “This year, thanks to the Acronis Cyber Foundation Program and the Women in Tech initiative, I have accomplished many meaningful things. For the first time in my life, I can look back on the year with genuine happiness and satisfaction.

What I appreciate the most is that our ideas are supported, and everything depends on us; it’s all in our hands. I’ve been a volunteer for many years, but now, I can see that what we do can genuinely change lives for the better. If we have helped at least one young person to be successful and happy in their life, then it is all worth it.”

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Desislava for her outstanding contributions, dedication, and compassion. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those you touch.

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