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Cultivating joy: Acronis Serbia team plants an Aroma Garden for kindergarten Vrtić Zvezdica

On April 21, 2024, a group of Acronis employees, along with their families, gathered to plant an Aroma Garden and flowers for the children of Kindergarten Vrtić Zvezdica.

This kindergarten isn’t just any place; it’s a magical spot where kids can explore nature’s wonders through delightful scents and colorful blooms. Wanting to create a space that sparks curiosity and learning, our team saw an opportunity to make a difference and foster kids’ deep connection with nature.

The Aroma Garden, envisioned as a centerpiece of the kindergarten, serves a dual purpose. Not only will it be a visually stunning addition to the landscape, but it will also serve as an educational tool, providing valuable lessons about different plant species, their unique scents, and their crucial role in our ecosystem. By engaging with the garden, children will develop a deeper appreciation for nature and its delicate balance.

This inspiring initiative was made possible through the partnership with NGO Šuma Peva, who continue to support our greening efforts in Serbia. We extend our gratitude to the partner and our dedicated team members and their families for devoting their Sunday to this important cause and creating a wonderful sensory-rich experience for the young ones.

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