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Acronis Burlington office hosts an engaging kids day: a peek inside the tech world for young minds

On April 18th, the vibrant team at Acronis Burlington opened its doors to a special audience: the children of its dedicated employees. It was a day filled with learning, fun, and eye-opening experiences, as the company aimed to introduce young minds to the fascinating world of technology and cybersecurity.

The agenda for the day was carefully curated to blend education with entertainment, ensuring that the children gained valuable insights while having a blast. The kids were treated to interactive sessions about the day-to-day roles of their parents as a result of which children gained a deeper understanding of their parents’ professional lives.

Children also had a talk about the diverse array of skills required to thrive in the cybersecurity field and the myriad career paths available in technology. Additionally, the kids participated in a workshop on digital marketing and its connection to influencers. Of course, the children also discussed the crucial topic of online safety, using real-life examples to educate them on cybersecurity best practices.

On top of the enriching sessions, one of the speakers even brought an extra element of excitement by donning a costume of Mayhem, a beloved character from American television commercials representing chaos and destruction, symbolizing the need for insurance. Drawing parallels between Mayhem and the multitude of cyber threats that cyber protection companies combat, the speaker added a unique and engaging perspective to the discussion.

A highlight of the day was the office tour, where children had the opportunity to meet the team and participate in a fun-filled games. From exploring the workspace to enjoying games like cornhole and Formula 1 racing, the tour was a hit among the young visitors.

We thank our inspirational speakers for sharing their expertise and fostering a spirit of learning for the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

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