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Empowering education through collaboration: construction progress update from Tepetzintan, Mexico

In 2023, Acroins and VirtualTech teamed up to support a school in Tepetzintan, Mexico. The project aimed to complete an existing school building, construct service module toilets, and add two new classrooms. Thanks to the collective efforts of students, teachers, the local construction group, and the support of Acroins and Virtual Tech, significant progress has been made.

The construction progress to date includes the completion of an existing school building, the construction of service module toilets, and the addition of two new classrooms. Additionally, significant groundwork has been laid for further improvements, including the collective production of a bamboo roof, completion of installations and finishes for the third classroom, and finalization of service module enhancements.

Central to the project’s success were the technical training workshops conducted, rooted in local construction knowledge. These workshops covered essential topics such as bamboo selection, cutting, preservation, and planking, empowering participants with valuable skills and knowledge.

Looking ahead, planned activities include construction of pedestals for bamboo columns, improvement works on the service module, and logistical tasks such as hauling materials and systematization of social processes carried out by students.

Through collaboration, empowerment, and a shared commitment to education, the project in Tepetzintan serves as a testament to the transformative power of community-driven initiatives. As students actively engage in the construction process and document their experiences, they contribute to the physical transformation of their school while also cultivating a sense of ownership and pride in their community’s development journey.

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